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Karim Habib | Head of Design BMW

Fast. Aggressive. Athletic. — during my time at the BMW Group Design I had the chance to convince with my concept ideas and be able to realize the project I pitched for. I had the opportunity to accompany the exciting process of seeing my layout and ideas come to life.

The challenge was to present a car which has an exciting, agressive, attention seeking look as well as BMW‘s strong form language in its DNA. Pushing forward, pushing the limits, BMW Motorsport‘s Brand colors, sharp edges — living on the edge. Everything BMW Motorsport wants to express and communicate in a visual appearance.

Attention seeking. Breaking loose. — the concept of this layout was to create something which convinces the spectators at instance that this car wants to be driven, pushed to the limits, be driven on the edge. Visualizing the mere urge of the BMW Motorsport brand values. Power. Agressivity, the urge for the pole.

See for yourself how the brand message gets stronger and more powerfull as it develops on its media — a BMW M235i Racing.
First Sketches
First Sketches of an Car Wrapping for the official BMW Team
Final Draft
Briefing the team
Adjustments to the Layout
Ready to go!
Final work
On the track!
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